Use the template editor to create reusable image templates

Generating images through our API is a straightforward process.

First, create a reusable template using our template editor. You can design your template using our drag and drop.

Once you have your template ready, it's time to generate your images. All you have to do is send your JSON data to the DocsFold PDF API endpoint.

Within a matter of seconds, your images will be generated.

Image editor

Marketing automation


Our image generation API allows businesses to create attractive product images in bulk for your online store. You can use DocsFold to auto-generate images that match your brand aesthetic, engaging potential customers and enhancing conversion rates. Plus, it's perfect for generating image variations for A/B testing, optimizing marketing approaches.

Digital Agency

For digital agencies managing multiple clients in various industries, the image generation API provides an efficient solution to automate image content creation. It enables the generation of tailor-made images that align with each client's brand and message. With seamless API or nocode integration (using Zapier or, DocsFold can fit into an agency's existing workflow, boosting productivity and delivering quality on a large scale.

Social Media

Auto-generate a wide variety of images suitable for various publishing needs, like generating dynamic visuals for blog posts, articles, or generating attention-grabbing open graph images for social media sharing. DocsFold already provides templates for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Open Graph for you to start with. This not only saves significant time and resources typically spent on these tasks but also ensures that the images align perfectly with the content's tone and style, enhancing the overall reader engagement.

Custom Content

The image generation API provides an automated solution for the creation of custom content, freeing up valuable time and resources. It allows businesses to automatically generate a variety of bespoke images, including event cards, certificates, banners, and other sales materials, at a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. This level of automation reduces manual effort, improves efficiency, and ensures consistent output quality. With DocsFold handling the labor-intensive process of image creation, businesses can focus on the other aspects of their operations.


DocsFold offers the capability to auto-generate infographics that are visually appealing and informative. All it takes is updating the data inputs to generate a new image, without recreating everything from scratch.

Real Estate

Auto-generate marketing materials such as banners, event cards for open houses, and promotional flyers with ease. This level of automation allows real estate professionals to concentrate more on customer engagement and sales, while DocsFold handles the time-consuming task of image generation. The seamless integration of DocsFold into existing workflows via its API further boosts productivity and efficiency in real estate marketing.


Visuals are key to enticing potential tourists in the travel industry. DocsFold automates the generation of captivating images, covering destinations, accommodations, and attractions. This simplifies the creation of brochures, banners, and promotional offers, allowing travel companies to focus more on delivering unforgettable customer experiences.


In the food industry, visual appeal is crucial. DocsFold provides a swift solution by auto-generating enticing images of dishes and ingredients. This saves significant time and enhances the quality of menus, recipe cards, and promotional materials, allowing businesses to concentrate on their culinary artistry while still achieving visually compelling marketing.

Use JSON data to populate your templates

Populate your templates using JSON data. Every image layer can be populated/modified with data from your JSON.

Try it first in the template editor for a quick preview, and then use the API to generate your images.

DocsFold Generate image API Reference

Integrate using REST API or with Zapier, and in a few seconds have a PDF ready for printing or sending by email.

How to create images with Zapier and DocsFold

DocsFold Generate image API Reference